The pain of loss is difficult; grief is a reflection of how much you care.


When loss occurs it can be overwhelming. When someone close dies - a spouse, parent, grandparent, child, or a pet - it affects you deeply. You may experience waves of unexpected emotions. There may be times when life seems empty or lacking meaning.

Less commonly thought of are losses that occur in the changes we experience through life, like the loss of a job or home, aspects of your health, a divorce or the end of a significant relationship. Grief is present in these changes too.

Grief is the natural response to loss and is an important part of being human. Through grief counseling you learn to embrace your grief in a compassionate manner. “Healing” in grief counseling is learning to live with the grief. Allowing grief to open your heart. Trusting this process can lead to feeling more alive, accepting life’s impermanence, and realizing that the connection we share with one another is bigger than death.

 Grief COUNSELING is a resource of support for:

  • loss of loved one

  • loss of a pet

  • going through divorce

  • changes in physical health

  • loss of job

  • loss of home

  • changes in identity through life cycle

David provides gentle understanding and support to the grief process. Your grief is honored and welcomed as an essential expression of your life and heart.