Spirituality is the relationships and meaning we find in life.

Everyone needs strength and courage to face life. And everyone needs a foundation of love and support. Spirituality enables you to build this foundation and find the inner resources needed to thrive.

We all have flaws and imperfections. How we hold these aspects of ourselves can determine our ability to have healthy relationships. Holding the “shadow” side of oneself with shame and guilt leads to isolation and addictions. Spiritual counseling seeks to embrace and integrate the shadow, accepting and forgiving flaws and imperfections, restoring wholeness and belonging.

Spiritual counseling works within your own belief system and understanding of God. Some people have been hurt by church, clergy, or authority figures that promoted a punitive and judgemental God. Spiritual counseling explores a gentler, compassionate image of a Creator. You deepen the connection and trust with Life itself.

SPiritual COunseling helps

  • Develop mindfulness practices to manage stress and anxiety.

  • Heal shame, the feeling that “something is wrong with me” or that “I am not enough”.

  • Find forgiveness for ourselves and the pain we feel about the past.

  • Find inner resources of resilience, strength and courage.

  • Create spiritual practices that promote inner peace - prayer, meditation and contemplation.

  • Build self awareness and understanding of destructive tendencies, allowing them to transform into a source of strength.

  • Heal religious wounding and an image of a punitive, judgmental God.

  • Deepen a connection to a compassionate God of your understanding

  • Build loving relationship with oneself, others, and nature.

David provides spiritual counseling in a warm, insightful, and compassionate manner. You are treated with respect and regard, creating a safe space to build trust and grow.